Bobby does it again! The Sox took a 1-0 nothing lead in the top of 11th and Bobby Jenks allowed two run in the bottom of the 11th that lead to a 2-1 loss for the Chicago White Sox. Felix Hernandez and Gavin Floyd dueled each other into a draw that lead to extra innings.

Stenks has not pitched well since he returned to the team after his wife suffered an illness. He had been pitching lights out prior to that. The bad news is both the Tigers and Twins won, so the Sox lead shrunk to 2-1/2 games. A bright spot was Gavin Floyd continued his domination of the league since June 8, where he has allowed only eight runs in his last nine appearances with an ERA of 1.15.

Oh well, the Sox have the day off and return to play against Oakland on Friday. You have to shake the loss off and start another winning streak this weekend in Oakland.