There are several rules in baseball that annoy me and one of those rules is the foul tip rule, and maybe it’s ignorance on my part but I’ve never understood the rational behind it. I will break it down as I understand it and maybe a reader can clarify something I’m not understanding. I believe a foul tip by baseball rule and definition is a batted ball that goes sharp directly from the bat to the catcher’s hands and is legally caught. The part that makes no sense to me is why isn’t it just a foul ball and an out? The bat made contact with the ball and it ended in the catchers glove. You’re out!

It seems to me to be an odd rule and the more I read about it and the more details I learned it made even less sense. By rule if the ball does not touch a glove or hand of the catcher and held it’s not a foul tip, it’s a foul ball. So when the ball is not caught by the catcher it’s not a foul tip, it’s a foul ball? Again, why isn’t everything just a foul ball? There’s even a comment on Wikipedia that states broadcasters misuse the term foul tip on a regular basis.

I could not find any history as to why the foul tip rule was created to begin with, but it seems odd. My guess is games would move a lot quicker and be lower scoring if a foul tip was considered a foul ball and the batter was called out. That may have been why the rule was created to begin with, but I really feel it’s kind of a ridiculous rule.

For example, if the hitter barely makes contact and the ball goes fair he can be thrown out, there’s not a fair tip rule. It’s just an out or hit with no special rule.

So, all I’m asking for is consistency and for baseball to change one of the their long-standing rules. It’s not a lot to ask is it?