It’s OVAH!

The Cubs nation is defeated from fans to players, so I ask what happened to the fun? It always used to be sunny and fun times on the North-side no matter what was going on with the Cubs, but now I can’t get the biggest Cubs fans to take any White Sox trash talking bait. It’s a little sad and at the same time it makes me happy that maybe this group of “we’ll get’em next year” supporters have finally had enough.

I’ve had phrases for the last month like, “the Cubs are terrible, I hope the Sox do well” and “I’m not a Sox fan but at least someone is playing good baseball in Chicago”  said to me. Whoa! It pretty much shuts down any debate as stupid as  a debate would at the moment on who’s the better team. I kind of miss it.

Today was the cherry on-top of sundae and cleared-up any speculation as to why the Cubs are terrible; their players have no fight left and don’t care. Derek Lee has the opportunity to go to a contender, but told Cubs GM, Jim Hendry, that he will exercise his no-trade clause regarding any trade that comes through. What? Any true competitor after years of losing would jump at the opportunity to go to a team in the hunt, but not Lee, he’s content with playing baseball for team going nowhere at 11-games under .500.

It all makes sense to me now, the veteran players on the Cubs are just interested in collecting a pay check at this point and no longer hunger for the competition. With Lee staying put it would be in Hendry’s best interest to move other players as quickly as possible, and let Lee know as it was suggested on the Waddle and Silvy earlier today that he will now be sharing time at first with younger talent. That is how the Cubs are going to win a World Series is with younger and fresher faces not bearing the disaster of 2003 and the poor playoff performances of 2007 and 2008. It’s time for those veterans to say good-bye to their fat paychecks and clear the way for players who want to win!

The Cubs have a nucleus forming that has promise with Tyler Colvin, Randy Wells, Starlin Castro, Carlos Marmol, and Sean Marshall, but new veteran talent needs to be brought in to support these youngsters. Obviously Marlon Byrd has worked out well and is a positive presence in the clubhouse and I think the Cubs work on Geovany Soto’s defense in the offseason then he’s your guy behind the plate. After that it’s time to clean house, but that won’t be easy to do with huge back-ended contracts awaiting the Cubs on most of their veteran players. This will be a problem that will haunt them for the next few years.

As the Cubs and their fans look to the future I hope they can muster a little fight to make the inner city rivalry fun again, but if not I will be more than happy to enjoy my first place White Sox journey to the 2010 MLB Playoffs.