Are the White Sox done making moves or will they add a left-handed power hitter to an already deadly line-up? If Don Cooper can correct a flaw in Edwin Jackson’s delivery that will bring him back to form then I say forget about Adam Dunn and trade some prospects for maybe a Jack Cust? Cust can just walk across the field today and hit a few home runs against his former team the Oakland Athletics. This might be wishful thinking on my part, but Billy Beane is always looking for high impact, low-cost prospects to keep his team competitive.

Cust is only signed through this year at $2.8 million, and if he continues to hit like he has since coming back from injury his price tag will only continue to go up. Again, this is just speculation on my part, but this has potential and Kenny Williams tends to make the least talked about move with great impact.

Now, let’s say Jackson was just visiting on his way to The Nationals for Dunn, what will the White Sox do for a fifth starter? Look to the North my friends and think Shawn Marcum or Brandon Marrow. Toronto is in a dealing mode as they’ve called it a season and they are looking to shed some cash, so this is also very plausible. This is how things will most likely shake out if Dunn comes to the White Sox, the questions is to get Marcum or Marrow will the Sox need to give up starting pitcher, Carlos Torres?

It should be an interesting day for White Sox fans.