Edwin taking calls from fans?

Will Don Cooper be able to work his magic yet, again? If he can the White Sox will have made the best trade possible for their team at the deadline. If not, the Sox will have sent away a great young arm, Daniel Hudson, that dominated the New York Mets yesterday afternoon going eight innings with four strikeouts, three hits, one walk, and one run. A pretty impressive outing for Hudson, but you have to wonder if it was easier because the pressure was off?

It’s a lot easier for a rookie to pitch for a team that is 27 games under .500 then a team that is leading their division looking to go the playoffs. With the addition of Edwin Jackson, they have at least added an arm used to the rigors of the playoff race, but will he return to form?

According to the Doctor of pitching, Don Cooper, he knows the flaw in Jackson’s delivery and can fix it. If he can do for Jackson what he’s done for Jose Contreras, Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez, Matt Thornton, Gavin Floyd, John Danks and Freddy Garcia then the Sox will have again become the best the pitching staff in the AL Central. Think about Cooper’s magic with the aforementioned list of pitchers, all castaways from teams who could not get the pitchers to perform to their potential.

Not that Texas is in trouble right now, but add John Danks back onto their roster and they might have a double-digit lead in the AL West. How about Gavin Floyd on the Phillies roster? Well, they might actually be in first place right now instead of trailing Atlanta by 2-1/2 games. I think it’s possible to find 2-1/2 games in Floyd’s current run of 4-1 with a .089 ERA in his last six starts, but the Phillies grew inpatient and wanted a veteran pitcher named Freddy Garcia.

Since leaving the Sox before returning this year, Garcia had struggled but he returned to the Sox giving them 10 victories and 14 quality starts in 19 outings thus far this season. Pretty amazing for a pitcher that no one wanted, but Coop taught him how to pitch again. Coop made a slight tweak to his delivery and Garcia has had an amazing run.

Take that same idea and apply it to Jackson; Cooper has watched tape and picked-up a flaw that he told Sox GM, Kenny Williams, that he can fix. At this point, why would anyone doubt him?