The White Sox may still get their left-handed hitting power slugger, Adam Dunn. Dunn was place on waivers by the Washington Nationals yesterday, which is the same way that Alex Rios ended-up in a White Sox uniform last year. Dunn has softened on this stance as a DH, stating that he would not mind DH-ing since it would only be for two months.

The White Sox are in a good position to claim Dunn with their being two obstacles; one would be if the Tigers feel that they are still in the race, then they can put in a claim and would have preference over the Sox since they have a worse record. The other is whether or not Nationals’ GM Mike Rizzo is just looking to shed salary or wants players still. If the Nationals are looking to just dump Dunn’s salary then the White Sox can put in their claim and sit back and wait like they did with Rios.

Here’s a quick summary oh how waivers work in Major League Baseball. When a player is placed on waivers, any team interested may claim him within three business days. If multiple teams claim him, the team with the worst record in the same league gets preference, and the original team must trade the player to them within 2 days, rescind the waiver or do nothing and allow the claiming team to assume the player’s contract.

If no team claims the player in 3 business days, they have “cleared waivers”. The original team may then freely trade the player, assign him to the minors, or release him.

So the waiting game begins again to see where Adam Dunn will go and maybe just maybe Kenny Williams patience will pay dividends for the White Sox again.