Is it time to press the panic button for Chicago White Sox fans? Should we go to the ledge? Did one of the most incredible runs in modern baseball history (in fact, I believe I read in the Tribune that they did set a record) just give us hope that will be crushed? Have the Sox forgot how to hit, again? NO!

While if there was ever a time to panic it would be now, I would ease your finger off the button and relax. The Sox will be fine no matter what happens tonight or even the next night against the Minnesota Twins. Nothing will better for the Sox then a return home where there bats seem to come to life. Once they get some momentum going at home again it should carry over to the road.

The main reason not to panic is the fact that the White Sox pitching staff leads the league in Quality Starts with 71 after Edwin Jackson turned in another excellent performance last night allowing one earned run over six innings. What does that really mean? It  means the Sox will have an opportunity to win a majority of their games. That number means in 63% of the games the Sox have played this year their starting pitchers have allowed three or fewer runs and have pitched a minimum of six innings in those games. You have to like your teams chances with those type of numbers, and I do.

I’ve got a crazy idea the Sox will putting at least six runs on the board tonight against the Twins. I think Carlos Quentin will hit a home run tonight, Mark Kotsay will drive in a run tonight, and Alex Rios will be Alex Rios tonight. There really isn’t  a much tougher team at home right now. I know the Twins have the same home and road record as the Sox, but as of late the Sox have been hard to beat at US Cellular Field.

Sox fans, sit back, relax, and watch the White Sox take a one game lead over the Twins tonight as Freddy Garcia gets the eleventh win he was robbed of last week after another quality start for Freddy. Humidity is high in Chicago today, I expect a lot of sweat and a lot of Sox runs.