Go Sox!

Things did not go to well for the Sox last night from a starting pitching standpoint, but as I predicted yesterday the bats came to life at home. I jokingly wrote about Sox fans pushing the panic button yesterday and I’m still writing this article with a smile of confidence on my face. Our best, worst pitcher went last night, the guy who should not have been going for his eleventh win at this point in the season, Freddy Garcia. Garcia is an experiment that has worked better than the Sox could have ever imagined, but the problem with Freddy is when he’s bad, he’s really bad. Last night Freddy only lasted 2-1/3 innings for the second time in three outings, which could be a sign that he is tiring as the year winds down. Chances are you won’t see Garcia in the Yankees series.

Garcia’s next scheduled starts are against the Tigers this Sunday, which seems a no-brainer since he owns them and the Tigers are in dire straits, with another start coming in Kansas City on Saturday, August 21. With a day off on Monday, August 23, the Sox can afford to skip Garcia in the Yankees series.

It’s unfortunate that the most important part of my prediction yesterday went wrong, Garcia pitching well, on the other hand I did call three of the five things I talked about correct which is reason enough for Sox fans not to worry. In case you didn’t read yesterday’s post here’s the exert where I made my predictions:

I’ve got a crazy idea the Sox will putting at least six runs on the board tonight against the Twins. I think Carlos Quentin will hit a home run tonight, Mark Kotsay will drive in a run tonight, and Alex Rios will be Alex Rios tonight. There really isn’t  a much tougher team at home right now. I know the Twins have the same home and road record as the Sox, but as of late the Sox have been hard to beat at US Cellular Field.

Sox fans, sit back, relax, and watch the White Sox take a one game lead over the Twins tonight as Freddy Garcia gets the eleventh win he was robbed of last week after another quality start for Freddy. Humidity is high in Chicago today, I expect a lot of sweat and a lot of Sox runs.

The Sox did score six, Rios went 2-4 with a run and caught stealing, and CQ hit a three-run bomb and drove in four. My next prediction, two straight wins with a one-game lead on Thursday.