Beckham and Teahen go yard!

The other night I text my good friend John, “Viciedo has to go. He’s a fastball hitter and he can’t hit a fastball.” John replied, “Teahen will be back soon.” Soon meant Friday night and the Sox may have gotten the left-handed power hitter they wanted without giving Gordon Beckham, Alexei Ramirez, and young arms.

This team was built with Teahen as a starter for the White Sox under the guise that he had the ability to hit 30 home runs since he would have many warm home games at US Cellular Field. Unfortunately Teahen went down with a broken finger before the weather warmed-up in Chicago. He benefited from the steamy weather on Friday night as his return to the Sox included a 2-run homer and a base hit helping the Sox to an 8-4 victory.

The Sox have scored a total of 21 runs in four games on this home stand and those numbers should only increase in the next few days. They also have 35 hits over the four game span with five homers. Not too shabby, but they are only 2-2 at the moment on this home stand and still trail the Twins by a game, as they held on for a 4-3 win last night over Oakland.

The Sox used the Tigers as a springboard to a 25-5 run that began on June 9 and hopefully they will use them again for a similar run. I like our chances in the series with Edwin Jackson going today followed by Tiger tamer, Freddy Garcia, on Sunday.