What, it's raining.

The White Sox lost a starting pitcher last night, not to injury but to idiot umpire, Cowboy Joe West. He allowed last nights game of the Sox vs. Royals to start even though radar showed him 20-minutes prior to the game that it would surely get rained out. Edwin Jackson threw seven pitches in the bottom of the first and then Shit-kicker Joe called the game as torrential rains poured down.

Now, the Sox and KC have to play a double-header tonight that can’t start until 6:10pm because of ridiculous rules that MLB has with Fox television. As of right now the Sox have no starter for the second game this evening which will probably start just shy of 10pm this evening.

Is there any punishment for an umpire? What kind of idiot allows a game to start after he looks at a radar with the grounds crew chief and it’s all green? This moron’s reign of terror needs to be put to an end, Cowboy Joe should stick to his shitty music and get out of baseball.