What you talkin' about Orlando?

The only good news for how I feel about the Sox right now is it’s exactly how I felt on June 6, after they lost another series to the Cleveland Indians and were 9-1/2 games back. However, I will now add some facts that will not make myself or you feel better if you’re a White Sox fan, but smile if you’re a Twins or Cubs fan.

The Sox are not about to play NL Central bottom feeders as they did back in June, which helped jump-start them on a historic run. Instead they are about to play an AL East bottom feeder, the Orioles, followed by the AL East leading, New York Yankees, not as easy. You would think the Sox would feast on the Orioles, but if their play against them a week-and-a-half ago is indicative of their performance this week they will not fair well.

The bullpen has been terrible giving up late inning leads in about every game this past week. To make matters even worse Matt Thornton may be heading to the DL with a sore forearm. The Sox also have seven games left with the Boston Red Sox, which could be trouble, also.

The Twins have extended their lead to five games after the Sox lost again to the AL Central bottom feeders, KC Royals, for the second time in three games that were played in a less than 24-hour period. Can the White Sox rebound from this? I really don’t know at this point, time’s a wasting and if the starting pitchers do not start going nine innings we might not have a chance. Another sad Monday in Chicago baseball.