Ozzie and Oney stalking Kenny.

I’m so tired of this story and I’m kind of at my breaking point with the Guillen aka Tony Montana Mob Family. Shut up and win the freaking division or just go home for the winter. The latest is the most ridiculous of all, as Oney Guillen has taken it upon himself to tweet about Kenny Williams and his poor skills as a General Manager. In case you somehow missed this today, let me give you the quick version.

Oney claimed that Kenny is lying about situations concerning his father and should have been watching the Sox game instead of watching a Carlos Mencia comedy performance on Saturday night that started at 9:30pm. I wish I had been watching something else like Kenny,but I watched the Sox screw things up again.

Let me just say it, Oney Guillen is a douche bag and needs to shut his mouth. He has no place attacking Williams, and needs to be muzzled like the dog he is. If Ozzie is using Oney to voice his opinion then I think it’s time for Ozzie to go and let Joey Cora take over, but Ozzie shouldn’t be so arrogant to think that he could find a job so easily. Think about it for a second.

If you were the owner of a MLB team would you want to hire Guillen and all the drama that comes with it, or should I say stupidity. While I find Ozzie entertaining for the most part his son has not right to bad mouth one of the best GM’s in baseball. I think Ozzie needs to step up and  not make comments like, “this is America and Oney can say what he wants.” No, Ozzie needs to shut him down and it needs to be done now. It’s ridiculous!

On a funnier note, as we all know Ozzie likes to take pressure off the team by causing distractions with his comments, maybe Oney is trying to take the pressure off Ozzie. Even if that was the case I ask only one thing of Oney, “SHUT THE (BLEEP) UP!”