The the wild ride continues for the White Sox this season as it looks like Manny Ramirez is heading to the White Sox according mlb.com. The Sox will not have to give up anyone, just assume the $3.5 million of Ramirez’s salary. They will hopefully be getting a rejuvenated Manny, not the one who lasted one pitch on Sunday before getting thrown out.

While getting Manny will probably have a positive effect on the White Sox, the question remains why did we not claim Brian Fuentes from the Angels. It seems that would have addressed a more immediate need, like bullpen help. The Sox walked 14 batters on Saturday night with half of that coming from the bullpen. Earlier in the day on Saturday Fuentes recorded a save for the Twins in his first appearance with his new team.

Maybe Manny would have made a difference on Sunday and given the Sox a win and a series win over the Yankees. According to early reports on the radio this morning Ramirez should be joining the Sox sometime today as a straight waiver claim. What the Sox are hoping for is the Manny that arrived in LA in 2008 when he hit 17 home runs and had 53 RBI’s in 53 games with a .396 batting average. If he should put up those types of numbers then the Sox may make a run at this thing. If not, we can just call Manny another Ken Griffey jr. and possibly another player who was on Ken Williams’ fantasy team when he won in his league in the 90’s.