Nuccio DiNuzzo, Chicago Tribune

As myself and other Sox fans come to the realization that the season ending knockout punch was dealt to us yesterday evening by those pesky Twins, you can’t help but reflect on the what-ifs of the season. That being said I will save that for a later post, instead I will like to tell any Sox fan who’s line of thinking is “at least we finished better than the Cubs” needs to get a life. When it’s all said and done who cares what the Cubs do or how they finish if you are a fan of any other team? My interest in the Cubs lies in this blog and just talking smack amongst friends. I don’t really care that the Sox are second citizens in this town, it makes it easier for me to get tickets to games.

Which leads me to why it’s a bittersweet Wednesday for me. I recently entered a series of contests on the White Sox website and happened to win one! Today I get to watch the White Sox take batting practice from the field at 4:30pm this afternoon. I also receive two tickets to the game and free parking. Being a diehard Sox fan makes this pretty cool, but I had hoped to be going to the park under different circumstances. Those being a win last night and feeling like we still had a chance, unfortunately that feeling has subsided. At least the White Sox did keep it interesting until football season, for that I thank them, but only scoring one run with the bases loaded twice last night is unforgivable.