I went into last nights game with little hope of winning, so when the Sox were pounded by the Twins last night there was not any change to my mood, as I stayed all nine innings at the Cell last night. Part of my good mood might have been because I had won a contest through the White Sox Pride Club (yes I’m a card-carrying member) where I was able to enter the Cell at 4:30pm and watch batting practice.

I did not know what to expect, but going in with little expectations and a lot of hope my wishes were fulfilled. While attending batting practice I was able to nab autographs on a ball from Gordon Beckham, Andruw Jones, Carlos Quentin, Omar Vizquel, Ramon Castro, Juan Pierre, Edwin Jackson, and rookie phenom Chris Sale.

The two best moments came when I was able to have Paul Konerko sign my jersey and Edwin Jackson was very talkative, so we had a little convo.

“Hey Edwin, great pitching you’ve helped my fantasy team get into second place,” I said.

“That’s good, I didn’t do too good for you last outing,” replied Jackson with grin and laugh.

“That’s ok, I’m sure you’ll bounce back this week!”

“Let’s hope so… I feel good,” said Jackson with another laugh and a wave as he headed into the locker room.

Alex Rios does not sign autographs because of the incident while he was with Toronto, and Manny was being Manny not signing anything. Carlos Quentin was more than happy to sign autographs, but when engaged in conversation he basically caveman grunted. An attempt to get starting pitching autographs consisted  a lot of waves and smiles from Mark Buehrle and John Danks as they went into the locker room.

All in all, it was a great time and it was great to have the opportunity to be that close to all the players. I have great player shots that I will post to blog after I load them from my camera. Oddly enough, the Sox still have a chance to win 90 games again, but that will not be enough to make the playoffs.