Well, I’m batting .500 when it comes to my Division/Wild Card predictions made way back in April.  My homer optimism clearly got the best of me as I predicted that the Cubs, Tigers and even the White Sox would all make the post-season. But those dreams died in June, July and September respectively.  However, my Phillies/Yankees World Series prediction is still very much intact and looking very plausible. So now that the playoff brackets are set, I’ll take the opportunity to redeem myself and accurately predict how it’ll all play out.


Cincinnati vs. Philadelphia
The Reds’ resurgence was a surprising and fun story while it lasted, but it’ll all be over quickly as the Phillies’ offense will dominate and their pitching will suffocate Cincy’s limited offense.
Prediction: Phillies in 3

Atlanta vs. San Francisco
The offense certainly didn’t get SF into the playoffs, but their rotation is scary good—especially in a short series.  The Braves don’t score many runs, but somehow they’ve gotten it done for their legendary, retiring manager, Bobby Cox all year.  The Giants have just a little more offense and a lot more pitching,  This one will go the distance but we’ll be lucky to see 20 runs scored in the entire series.
Prediction: Giants in 5


New York vs. Minnesota
Yeah, yeah, yeah—the Twins proved to be the class of the AL Central (again).  I’m so sick of seeing them lose in the first round and this year won’t be any different.  At least we don’t have to suffer thru watching games in that concrete blister they called a stadium.  Fuck the Twins
Prediction: Yankees in 4

Texas vs. Tampa Bay
It’s nice to see someone other than the Angels take the AL West and you’ve got to be impressed by the sustained excellence from the Rays over the last few years in the toughest division in baseball.  This will be a great series to watch but I think the Rays have a little too much of everything for the Rangers to handle.
Prediction: Rays in 4


Philadelphia vs. San Francisco
The Phillies are the class of the NL and will flex their muscles against the inexperienced and offensively-challenged Giants.  SF has enough pitching to squeak out a couple games, but the Phillies will prevail.
Prediction: Phillies in 6


New York vs. Tampa Bay
These two fought all season long for the AL East Division crown which wasn’t finally settled until the last day of the season.  This series won’t be any different as these evenly-matched teams will go the distance.  As much as I’d like to see the small-market Rays make it to their second World Series in 3 years, I just don’t see them beating the Yankees (plus, I’ve got to stick with my April prediction).
Prediction: Yankees in 7

World Series

New York vs. Philadelphia
MLB will be very happy with the ratings bonanza these two big-market teams will bring to this year’s Fall Classic.  I’m going to stick with my April prediction as I think the Phillies have just enough of an advantage with starting pitching that they will conquer the Evil Empire and take their second title in 3 years.
Prediction: Phillies in 6