Before I get to my playoff predictions I’d like to take a moment to pat myself on the back, as six of the eight teams that I predicted to make the postseason are continuing on. That’s a .750 percentage of accuracy.  It was the Central divisions in both leagues that really screwed me as the White Sox imploded and the Brewers pitching staff never gained any steam.

The AL played out nearly as I predicted it, the only flaw was that the Twins won the AL Central, again. Oh well, we know how this story ends, the Twins sitting at home watching the ALCS. The NL was not as perfect, but three out of my four playoff teams made it. The Braves and Phillies swapped spots on me, as the Phillies won the division and the Braves made the wildcard. The Giants won the AL West as predicted, and the unexpected Reds took the NL Central with ease, who knew?


Cincinnati vs. Philadelphia
Does Dusty have any magic left after being the surprise story out of the NL Central this year, probably not. His inability to close the deal in both San Francisco in 2002 and with the Cubs in 2003 are telling of what’s in-store for the Reds. Philly will dominate this series, but I think the Reds will get one win.
Prediction: Phillies in 4

Atlanta vs. San Francisco
The Giants are the hottest team coming into the playoffs and will continue their hot streak against Atlanta. The Giants overly talented pitching staff makes them the favorite in this one. They also seem to get the offense when they need it. They have a 52-31 in the second half.
Prediction: Giants in 3


New York vs. Minnesota
Even though the Yankees are limping into the playoffs, they will still  destroy the Twins. It was announced yesterday that Justin Morneau will not be participating in the playoffs. Also, the cooler temperatures will not do Jim Thome’s ailing back any favors. The Yankees will come in and take care of business.
Prediction: Yankees in 3

Texas vs. Tampa Bay
The Rays may have the best record in the AL, but the Rangers have that magical feeling about them. Their pitching is a bit better than both the Rays and Yankees. I think they have what it takes to make some noise.
Prediction: Rangers in 3


Philadelphia vs. San Francisco
Good pitching always beats good hitting and the Giants have plenty of good pitching. The Phillies have Roy Halladay and it’s pretty thin after that. While thunder lies on the side of the Phillies it will be awfully quiet during this series.
Prediction: Giants in 5


New York vs. Texas
The Rangers were swept early on in the season at Yankee stadium as they stumbled a bit out of the gate, and then split a two gamer series at home. Pitching has not been the Yankees friend this year as I mentioned in my predictions earlier this year, and I do not think they will survive this year without it. Move over New York the Rangers are having a homecoming. Oh yeah, did I mention the Rangers have Cliff Lee?
Prediction: Rangers in 5

The World Series

Texas vs. San Francisco
This one will go at least five with the Giants taking it all. The pitching is their along with timely hitting. Not only starting pitching, but a fierce bullpen to support their stellar staff. I will be half right
as to my World Series appearance. Of course, the we can’t win when it matters the most White Sox are sitting at home now. GO GIANTS!!!
Prediction: Giants in 5