Why did I say the Rangers would beat the Yankees? Better starting pitching, and with the first two games of the ALCS over that is completely correct. The Yankees’ starters have posted a bulky 13.50 ERA while the Rangers’ starters have posted an effective 3.55 ERA. The good news for the Rangers is they’ve posted that ERA without Cliff Lee throwing a pitch.

The bad news is the Rangers bullpen imploded in the 8th inning of game one and gift wrapped a Yankee 6-5 win that let C.C. Sabbathia off the hook. That’s why the loss hurt even more, the Rangers were about to ” steal one” from the Yankees since Sabbathia was on the mound. Instead the series is tied at one game apiece as it heads to Yankee Stadium for three.

What looks to be obvious at the moment  is that if the Rangers continue to play exactly the way they’ve played sans the 8th inning of game one this series will end at Yankee Stadium. The Rangers have out played the Yankees for 16 of the 18 innings thus far, and after todays hit parade from the Rangers the outlook is good.

Beating the Yankees at home is never easy, but I do not think playing at home for the Yankees in this series will be an advantage as the Rangers hit just as well as the Yankees. Texas in five looks to be realistic at this point, go Rangers!