Well, it’s hard for me not to walk around with a smile on my face these days, my other favorite baseball team, the San Francisco Giants are in the World Series. Since 2002, this will be my third opportunity to view a team that I support in the World Series. The Giants in 2002, the White Sox (my passion) in 2005 winning, and now the Giants back again this year with a very good chance on winning. It’s been a nice run the past eight years, even though Dusty Baker really screwed things up in 2002.

I would say it’s worse than his inability to get the Cubs to the World Series in 2003, because in 2002 the Giants were eight outs away from winning the World Series and blew it! Why didn’t you take out Russ Ortiz, Dusty?! Why?! Because he said he felt fine and could get a few more batters out? Everyone watching knew he was done, but you left him in and you blew the whole thing. Luckily, I know this will not happen this year based on Bruce Bochy’s early pulling of Jonathan Sanchez on Friday night. Sanchez was pulled in the third and the Giants bullpen held the Phillies to no runs. This opened the door for a member of the 2005 White Sox, Juan Uribe,  to hit the game winning home run for the Giants. I could not have written it any better.

Now the Giants face another team that can hit with good pitching, but pitching not as good as the Giants. I said back in April that the Giants would be in the World Series because of having outstanding pitching and the right amount of hitting. Before the playoffs began I predicted a Giants/Rangers Series and on Wednesday it will begin. I could see it starting out like the Phillies series since Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay are practically the same player at this point. 4 – 3 Giants winner with “The Freak” getting it done.  I can’t wait, my NLCS Championship gear should be here tomorrow! GO GIANTS!!!