I’m sitting in Midway airport waiting for my flight to Aspen to board reflecting on another run explosion from the San Francisco Giants last night. 20 runs in two games, a team that scored 19 runs in six games against the Phillies.
A large part of the nine runs scored last night can be credited to two former 2005 White Sox Champions, Juan Uribe and Aaron Rowand. Four of the nine runs were driven in by Uribe and Rowand.
Of course, the praises of Uribe this post season are all well deserved; he hit the home run that propelled the Giants to the series, he hit the three run bomb that broke game one of the World Series open, and drove in two last night.
It’s interesting that Ozzie Guillen bet against his former players picking the Texas Rangers to win it all as a Fox analyst during the World Series.
It’s funny because the Giants are really the exact team he had hoped the Sox would be this year, so is Guillen essentially saying the Sox were not good enough to win the World Series? Hmmmmmmm.