Uribe delivered big in the postseason for the Giants

As I sit in Aspen this morning preparing to head back to Chicago, I still have a big smile on my face over the San Francisco Giants World Series victory last night. The Giants victory seems unlikely to many people, but not me. They are essentially a team that consists of throw aways that somehow gelled better than teams that played together an entire season. They also have the one on the greatest pitching staffs in baseball history that is barely old enough to drink legally. That’s why I’m not surprised, good pitching always beats good hitting.

They also have the ex-White Sox factor, unlike the ex-Cubs factor it helps your team win. Aaron Rowand and Juan Uribe were members of the 2005 White Sox. The Yankees won last year with ex-White Sox Nick Swisher in 2009. It’s obvious having an ex-Sox player is not a jinx like an ex-Cub player. Look what happened to the Yankees by adding Kerry Wood. Of course, I’m kidding and anyone who thinks that having a quality player from the Cubs organization is a jinx is nuts!

Back to some amazing stats for this first year sports blogger. Compared to experts that I read throughout the country, I was 100% correct, while most experts had the Phillies against the Yankees in the World Series. So I ask you readers of this blog, who are the real experts? I think it’s obvious, myself and Smitty.

The good news is baseball blows up again this weekend as the free agency market kicks in this weekend. I’m sure we’ll be posting a lot in this interesting off-season of moves that will happening. The biggest rumor I’ve read so far is Adam Dunn to the Cubs. That would be a big and surprising move from the Cubs.