It feels pretty good to be a White Sox fan at the moment. It started last night when I read that Adam Dunn had signed a 4-year/$56 million deal and then later in the evening when it was announced AJ Pierzynski would be returning as the White Sox catcher for two more years. All that was great, but the article published in the Tribune this morning made me very excited for the upcoming season.

According to the Tribune, White Sox GM, Kenny Williams, presented two scenarios to team owner, Jerry Reinsdorf; one was shredding salary and putting the team into a transition mode, while the other was going all-in and expanding the payroll. Reinsdorf decided to go all-in which means the White Sox are not done.

Apparently after the winter meetings this upcoming week it should be announced that Paul Konerko would be returning with a deal similar to Dunn in dollar value. The offense would seem intact then, with closer and middle relief being the only positions left to fill.

Don’t be surprised if a trade occurs that includes Carlos Quentin and Edwin Jackson to the Yankees for Curtis Granderson and a middle reliever. That would really give the White Sox the diversity on the base paths that they’ve been looking for. While I believe Quentin has a good season ahead of him, I would rather see Granderson in the outfield with Juan Pierre and Alex Rios.

My preseason predictions might look very similar to last years.