Jim Hendry’s blunders continue to plague the Cubs with the latest coming in the form of Silva the Hutt. What a difference a year makes on how the Cubs feel about Carlos Silva, going from the second coming of Greg Maddux with an 8-0 start in 2010 to not being fit for the rotation.

Hendry seemed to have dodged the dumbest move ever when he signed Milton Bradley to a three-year deal by trading him away for Silva. Silva cruised through the first half of the 2010, before falling faster than the Cubs in September of 1969.

Between heart conditions, terrible pitching and blow-ups reminiscent of the other Carlos with a Z, the Cubs had seen enough.

To make matters worse the Cubs have to pay out $11.5 million to Silva, but some of that may be offset from the $6 million the Cubs receive from Seattle this season from the Bradley/Silva trade. However, it’s safe to say that money went towards signing Matt Garza, Carlos Marmol, and Kerry Wood, while avoiding arbitration with other players.

It’s almost hard to believe that Bradley is still on the Mariners and Silva is without a team, for now. Silva seems much more useful to an organization than Bradley at this point. The timing of Silva’s dismissal seems odd since he came off a dominant spring outing over the Oakland A’s. He pitched six innings of one run ball with no walks, three hits and three strikeouts. Apparently that was not good enough to take the fifth spot, which starts to make you think that maybe Silva was correct in his assessment that he was never really considered for the rotation.

The reason I’m siding with Silva on this one is because based on the aforementioned criteria then Matt Garza should be sent to Triple A to figure some things out.

One things for certain, Hendry has to be on his ninth life as GM of the Cubs. He had a chance last June to trade Silva when his value was up and everyone with half a brain was telling him to do it, instead he ended up with $11.5 million of dead weight. Way to go Jim, what’s up next an Albert Pujols signing at $50 million a year for 10 years with eight of it guaranteed? Sounds about right.