“Is this heaven?”

“No…it’s Iowa”

Those words are arguably the most famous moment of dialogue from the baseball fantasy classic, Field of Dreams. As always going into the week of Opening Day, I like to revisit some of my favorite baseball movies, at least those that I own or have Netflix streaming availability. I thought it might be worth sharing these films, as we get closer to Opening Day.

Last night I sat down and watched Field of Dreams right after I watched the Hawks beat the Wings in a playoff like hockey game.

First off, there’s more sentimental cheese in this movie than I can usually tolerate, yet somehow packaged with a historic baseball plot it makes it great. I’m not going to bore anyone with the plot of this one, because if you don’t know it then maybe you should check your pulse.

The fact that Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) is giving the “Black Sox” are chance to play ball again deserves the academy award right there, especially Shoeless Joe, who hit the only homerun of the tainted Series and batted .375. Hardly sounds like someone throwing a World Series.

The part of the movie that makes it great though isn’t all the incredible legendary baseball references, Ray helping everyone like the Jesus Christ of baseball, or the insane notion of ghostly baseball players living in someone’s corn field in Iowa; it’s that the movie is really about a son’s relationship with his father and the healing power of baseball.

I believe in the healing power of baseball as it healed me in 2005 when I had a tragic loss in my life, and it can heal you too.

That’s why Field of Dreams is one of my favorite baseball movies. It’s not my all-time favorite, I’ll get to that later this week, but it’s a great film about the greatest game ever played.