We shouldn’t get to far ahead of ourselves. We being the White Sox Nation, even though the Sox ended their game with a 14 run explosion by the fourth inning of their Opening Day game against the Cleveland Indians. They did with new comer, Adam Dunn, driving in four runs and Carlos Quentin driving in five. The best news is CQ’s production, he claimed he finally learned how to relax this season; that seems to be true for the moment.

Of course, the game ended with some drama as the final score was 15 – 10, but that score is deceiving. Mark Buehrle admited to pitching only fastballs for two innings since the lead was so large.

“If we didn’t have that big lead, it might have been a little different,” Buehrle  said. “But there were two innings where I was just throwing fastballs and I was getting outs, so I’m not going to complain.”

Cubs fans on Facebook chose to drown their sorrows by pointing out how terrible the White Sox bullpen was yesterday. There were to balls that went down as hits that were both errors, one for Alex Rios and one for Lastings Milledge. Those balls lead to four runs. This is old news for those of you who’ve read my articles before, but the judgement calls on errors needs to be improved. If you subtract those four runs then the bullpen let up two.

You throw a lot of strikes when you have a big lead, and that’s what the White Sox bullpen did, it’s a shame that the defense let them down. The only one who pitched somewhat poorly was Will Ohman who let up two home runs. He pitched well for Baltimore and Florida last year, but we all know he did not perform well for the Cubs a few years ago. He’s the wild card.

Hopefully the Sox ride the momentum from game one into this afternoons game against the Tribe. Prediction, Edwin Jackson will have nine strikeouts today. Boom!