Whoops, Juan Pierre drops the ball or should I say Pierror

The 2011 White Sox have done a great job of making things difficult on themselves. Between errors and a manic bullpen, the White Sox could be 9-2 or as terrible as 4-7, instead Sox fans breathe a sigh of relief with a touch of frustration at 7-4.

I’d like to ask anyone calling for the head of Matt Thornton to please take a pill and drink a beer before you over react. The glaring stat is that he only has one earned run in three blown saves; the defense has let him down to say the least. On the other hand, a lead-off double into the gap lead to the tying run crossing the plate the on Monday night prior to Juan Pierror dropping a well hit ball to left.

Last night Alex Rios joined the error parade by letting a fly ball hit the heel of his glove and pop out, luckily that did not lead to any runs. The third error of the year by Alexei Ramirez lead to Edwin Jackson leaving the game after only 4.2 innings of work. He was at 99 pitches at that point, and was having some control problems.

Despite that the Sox overcame again with a Ramirez walk-off home run in the bottom of the 10th, his second of the game.

The bullpen showed the ability to hold the score in place except for Tony Pena allowing a go ahead 2-run home run. Sergio Santos pitched two more scoreless innings, as did Chris Sale. Will Ohman also came in with the bases loaded and two outs in the fifth to get the only batter he faced, which makes that 2.1 innings without an earned run for Ohman.

The White Sox offense for the most part continues to click on all cylinders with double-digit hit outbursts and multi-homer games more often then not. They are also doing a good job of moving runners along.

Hopefully John Danks keeps his concentration this afternoon and does not serve up a late inning homer. GO SOX!