How many lives are left for Jake Peavy? He’s spent three already, let’s hope he doesn’t use up all nine before the 2011 season is over. When Peavy left his minor league rehab start on Monday evening after 15 pitches I feared the worse; his muscle had detached or had been damaged.

Instead, I let out a sigh of relief, as it was just normal inflammation due to the muscle being worked harder since the surgery with the MRI revealing no shoulder damage. Peavy will miss one rehab start while taking anti-inflammatory meds over the next week. He should pitch in the minor leagues again on April 28.

The question remains will Peavy pitch again in the Majors? No one really knows, since he went through experimental surgery to return to the Sox in his current capacity. The silver lining of the whole situation leaked out in the press yesterday as the Sox have an insurance policy on Peavy that covers 65% of his contract. The San Diego Padres instituted this policy when they signed him to his current contract, so the Sox inherited the policy when they traded for Peavy. Thank you Padres!

This would definitely give the Sox some wiggle room should they need to add an arm down the stretch; at the moment I would call this thinking optimistic.

The Sox fell to five games behind the Indians last night after losing their sixth in a row. I can’t believe I’m typing, “The Sox fell to five games behind the Indians…” it’s like a bad dream.

The good news for this blog is the Sox play the Tigers this weekend, which means one of these two teams will get a jumpstart. It seems whenever the Sox and Tigers are struggling, one of the two teams gets up for the series and goes on a nice run after it. Smitty and I were at a Sox/Tigers series in 2006, when the Tiger’s won on May 1 and they kind of never looked back on their way to the World Series. Last year, the Sox started that incredible 25-5 run with two wins in Detroit against the Tigers.

Should be an interesting five days for the Sox.