The White Sox must have sought inspiration from the Chicago Blackhawks, who faced elimination on Tuesday night, but instead of laying down had an offensive explosion winning 7-2. The Sox did something similar on Thursday evening when the crushed the Rays, 9-2, thus ending a seven game losing streak largely  fueled by little to no offense.

Lots of good signs, the bullpen has settled down in week three and Sergio Santos moved one strep closer to a full-time closer role with another scoreless inning of work with 2 ks. He’s not let up a run this season over 9.2 innings of work. Not bad. Will Ohman pitched well for the third consecutive outing, and Gavin Floyd pitched to his strengths for a six innings. Biggest issue for Floyd was he did not have command of this curve ball early in the game, so he was basically forced to rely heavily on his fastball and change-up/slider. He’s learned how to change speed this season on this fastball, which I think is why he’s had three solid outings over this first four starts compared to getting rocked for his first eight starts.

The other good sign was hitting the ball to the opposite field for White Sox hitters with Juan Pierre reeking havoc on the base paths, which set the table for the first run of the game and big third inning.

Sox win, Hawks win, and Bulls win – the Chicago trifecta last night. That was fun!