During the recent struggles of the White Sox something amazing has happened, well not really, but the bullpen is actually pretty good. Jesse Crain has allowed one hit in 13 innings and Sergio Santos has continued his dominance of American league hitters. Will Ohman has settled in nicely as a lefty specialist and Matt Thornton finally has started to look like the pitcher Sox fans have known.

Tony Pena allowed three runs last night against the Tigers which upped the bullpen total to four runs allowed over the last 15.1 innings. Not to shabby. I’ve heard everything from haters about how the Sox have no bullpen and everyone else has a better bullpen than the White Sox, I disagree. This is only the beginning of what we’ll be seeing out of the White Sox bullpen.

Crain and Santos alone will be a dominant one, two punch that will frustrate hitters in late innings, but when you add a confident Thornton back in a set-up role it seems like a pretty daunting task for anyone facing that crew.

Good news for the Sox today, Fat Penny is pitching for the Tigers and Edwin Jackson is going for the Sox. I think we’ve got ourselves a White Sox winner!