Here comes the Dunny!

Instead of the annual White Sox Easter egg hunt this morning and the re-enactment of the station of the cross post game yesterday, the Sox will be sulking in their rooms instead after their ninth loss out of ten games.

“We have great talent, but it’s time right now to get mean,” Guillen said. “It’s time to show people how good we are.”

Guillen feels that canceling the traditional Easter events for the Sox will get them “mean.” It is a bit of a disappointment for the team as new comer Adam Dunn was going to play a double role as Jesus in the station’s of the cross and this morning as the Easter bunny, which some were calling the Bonkey or Dunny.

“It would have been priceless to see Adam in those bunny ears,” said White Sox captain, Paul Konerko, ” oh well, maybe next year.”

The Sox look to get on the right track this afternoon.