Juan Pierror was at it again on Sunday!

In no way am I taking anything away from the Detroit Tigers sweep of the White Sox, but on paper the Sox are a better team. They’re not hitting, they’re not fielding, and they’re starting pitchers have let up more two out runs than any other team. They sit at the bottom of the division as both the Tigers and Minnesota Twins are gaining steam as the Cleveland Indians and Kansas City Royals begin their fade.

This is a team that is better than the team that went 25-5 last year to get back into the division, thankfully we are nowhere near that point, but continued play like this weekend in Detroit and we will. So what do the Sox need to do? Start having fun and not looking like the weight of the world is on their shoulders. Yes, money was spent to win the Series again this year, but the Sox need to start winning a series at a time and they will climb back into this thing. They get the Yankees to start the week with their shaky pitching staff. A split would be a step in the right direction. Did I mention this now goes down as the White Sox worse start since 2001.

Meanwhile, the Cubs are looking like a .500 team, literally. A win tonight will continue to rewrite the history books as they will move back to .500 for the 11th time this season, the only team to do this in baseball history to start the season. They’re not bad, they’re not good, they’re just mediocre. The good news if the Cubs finish at .500 it will be an improvement over last season, and will a solid foundation to build around in the offseason of 2011. In their division at the moment they statistically in the race, but it looks like the Brewers as predicted are starting to get their mojo rising. Zack Greinke and Casey McGehee will be returning shortly, which will only add to an already solid Brewers team.

I say this without a ton of confidence at this point, but can week four be any worse?