It’s clear that the three teams that are covered on Major League Assholes are in need of some serious mental help for more consistent play. Collectively, the Sox, Tigers, and Cubs lost 30 – 7 last night against the Yankees, Mariners, and Diamondbacks. The Yankees were due for a run explosion after the Sox held them in check for the first three games of the series, while the Tigers resembled nothing of the team that just swept the White Sox. The Cubs I can’t figure out, nor will I try. Since the team named Ryan Dempster the #1 starter, he’s been equally as bad as Matt Thornton since being named the Sox closer.

The Sox split with the Yankees and had solid pitching, fielding, and timely hitting throughout the series sans last night. I will not fault the batters for Wednesday night’s game when everything was a strike and Bortolo Colon had movement on the ball similar to when he won the Cy Young. I’m a little annoyed that he pulled it together thus far for the Yankees and was a complete disaster including disappearing for two weeks while on the White Sox. I do have some insider knowledge about Colon, since his Grandfather is my in-laws’ doorman at their New York residence. Apparently all of Colon’s family lives in New York, so for years he’s really wanted to play there to be close to his family.

Early in the week Smitty wanted me to offer the Tigers some respect, but it’s difficult after watching them get swept by the Mariners. Not that the Sox are currently playing a ton better, but they did split with the Yankees, let’s see how they handle the Orioles at home this weekend. I still believe that the Sox will end up winning the division.

The Cubs went from setting MLB history for mediocrity by having a .500 record in numerical order for the first 20 games to losing the last four. The question for all three of our teams on this blog is which is the real team. Are the week one Sox the real Sox? Are the Tigers that swept the Sox the real Tigers? Are the Cubs that seemed never to be out of a game the real Cubs? I guess we’ll know in a few weeks which way they’re all headed.