Believe it or not, Pete and I were about to set our differences aside and go to the Cubs/Reds game today.  Pete was given some pretty good tickets and, despite his affinity for the South Side, he never turns down a chance go to a baseball game wherever it’s being played.  He graciously invited me to come along—needless to say, I was touched.

United by our disdain for “Mr. Toothpick,” Dusty Baker and his trusty wristbands, we were both looking forward to a day of heckling and heavy drinking.  We even had side bets that included me paying for all of his beers if he showed up to Clark & Addison in one of those ridiculous bicycle rickshaws that permeate Wrigleyville.  That would’ve made a perfect photo op for the blog.

But just as I was about to leave the house I received a text from Pete: “Hold up, this is no joke, I’m pretty sure Alexis is going into labor!”  Stunned for a moment, my keen deduction skills eventually kicked in and I soon realized the “this is no joke” part meant he was serious.  The game was off but obviously, there could be no better reason to have to bail out of a ball game than this.

While I had little doubt that the future “Frank Thomas Verniere,” “Kenneth Hawk Verniere” or, my personal favorite, “Juan Uribe Verniere” would be a born Sox fan, the fact the little one stopped daddy from attending a Cubs game absolutely sets it in stone.

All kidding aside, good luck Pete & Alexis—can’t wait to meet Chicago’s newest baseball fan!