The White Sox bats woke-up last night just in time to give Doug Fister a good fistering, and support a brilliant performance by Gavin Floyd (4-2). Floyd’s usual slow start to the season seems not to be an issue this season as he’s pitched very well thus far. Floyd shut out the Mariners for eight innings, allowing three hits while walking two and striking out six.

Not sure if the Sox bats came alive with the news of the birth of Sox fan knocking on the door, or maybe inspiration came from the news that Jake Peavy will pitching Wednesday. No matter what the reason the 17 hit attack was as impressive as it was frustrating. The frustrating part when two innings in a row the Sox had two runners on base with no outs and scored no runs.

The best part was Alex Rios continued his hot streak going 4-for-4 and Gordon Beckham and Bret Morel each had three hits a piece, while Adam Dunn showed more signs of coming out of his early season slump by consistently driving the ball to the outfield including a majestic shot that died on the warning track. Big Donkey went 2-for-4 with a double, a run, and a RBI. This could be the start of it all.

It’s about 8:30am on Sunday morning and last night was the first time in my life that I watched a Sox game while my wife had contractions, and as the contractions get closer while typing this article… you can put a trip to the hospital on the board today…YES!

Hopefully, this victory is the start of maybe a 6-3 road trip? The only reason I mention this is the Sox last hit attack similar to this was an 18 hit attack in Cleveland the first week of the season.

It could be a big day in Verniere household, the birth of the baby and a two-game win streak for the Sox. Things could be making a turn for the better.