It’s been a wild ride for the Verniere family, but we’ve come out on the winning end of things. As always baseball ties into life and it seemed so true during the labor and birth of the newest Sox fan, Charles George “little hurt” Verniere. Whether the events were coincidental or not, we’ll never know, but I think a timetable of how things went down will best tell the story?

Saturday, May 7
10:50 AM – Early labor begins as I’m on the phone with Chicago Rickshaw booking my ride to Wrigley Field. CGV’s first move was to prevent his father from going to a Cubs game. Smart kid! I text Smitty the news that I would not be attending.

1:25 PM – Smitty posts his most accurate article to date, Pete’s baby certainly no Cubs’ fan, and it was obvious since he already stopped me from going to my first Cubs’ game on his watch. Alexis’ contractions are about 10 -12 minutes apart at this point. Looks like nothing is going to happen today, Doctor suggests we enjoy the day.

3 PM – Cubs beat the Reds in dramatic fashion in the bottom of the ninth; the game CGV prevented me from taking in. He already knew how much I hate that freaking, “Go Cubs Go” song. Thank You, Son!

11:48 PM – White Sox win 6-0 with another great performance from Gavin Floyd and the offense waking up from it’s slumber with a 17-hit attack.

Sunday, May 8 – Mother’s Day
Morning – Spent most of the evening and throughout the early morning awake since Alexis had contractions all night. Doctor said to call back when contractions were 5 minutes apart.

3:52 PM – Cubs lose to the Reds and as the last out is made Alexis’ water breaks. This could all have been coincidental, but CGV is obviously not a Cubs’ fan at this point for sure. It turns out it was not a complete breaking of the bag, but enough to get the go ahead to go to the hospital. Off we go.

Monday, May 9
12:19 AM – Alexis is fully dilated and it’s time to have the baby as my phone chimes to tell me that the Sox beat the Mariners 5-2 that included two more scoreless innings from Sergio Santos to bring his total to 15. Not sure how Little Hurt knew it, but he knew to arrive on an early victorious morning.

2:11 AM – Charles George Verniere is officially born at 6 lbs. 5oz and 19.5 inches long. It’s the most glorious day of my life and words cannot explain it. Of course, baseball played a part by positively occupying the waiting time.

11:39 PM – The White Sox won their third straight game behind home runs from Gordon Beckham, Alexei Ramirez, and Carlos Quentin. Edwin Jackson pitched a seven innings of shutout ball with five strikeouts and one walk. This victory moves CGV aka Little Hurt to 3-0 since he headed into the world, with two wins outside of the womb. The Cubs and Twins have not won yet since Charlie arrived.

Even though I’ve only slept for seven hours since Saturday it’s been worth every minute of no sleep. As usual the joy of my personal life has carried over to my baseball life with everything moving in the right direction. The Sox go for four-in-a-row tonight.