Sox have an ace in the hole.

The great Max Scherzer failed another test in his young career, he was unable to control one the best hitting teams in baseball (Red Sox #4), while Phil Humber controlled one of the best hitting teams in baseball (Blue Jays #7) last night. I ask you, who is the ace? Neither is proven, they are both unseasoned and have had ups and downs in their careers with Scherzer’s far more promising as of late, that was until Don Cooper stepped in.

Cooper has worked his magic and Phil Humber has put together solid numbers for the Sox, in fact better numbers than Max Scherzer. Humber’s 3-3 with a 2.85 ERA and a whip of only 0.93, while Scherzer sits at 6-2 with a 3.86 ERA and whip of 1.47. Interestingly enough, Scherzer has two more starts under his belt, yet he’s only pitch 5.1 innings more than Humber. It gets even better for Humber, he’s only allowed 43 hits while Scherzer has allowed 70 hits, and Scherzer has walked 26 to Humber’s 13.

I only bring this up because of Smitty blogging about Scherzer being a “proven ace,” and at this point I’d take Humber over Scherzer in a heartbeat, wouldn’t you?