“We came, we saw, we kicked it’s ass!” – Peter Venkman, Ghostbusters

That’s what the White Sox just did to the Red Sox! The Sox who usually turn things around in June decided to start a few days earlier. They ended May with a 16-13 record and started June by sweeping the Red Sox at Fenway, something that has been difficult to do as of late. Smitty’s teams took one game each of the Red Sox, while my team came into town and took care of business, as they will against the Tigers this weekend.

It’s ashame we don’t get to square off against 7-run Scherzer, the amount of runs he’s allowed his last two outings. We’ll have to handle staff ace, Justine Verlander, and we will like we handled Jon Lester, who previously won seven straight starts.

The Sox get things going when the weather warms up and they’ll have some hot summer nights in Chicago this weekend. With Verlander being the only real obstacle and a possible start from John Stanks the Sox should make quick work of the Tigers.

It seems the Sox were waiting for the first Ozzie obscenity laced tirade before they got going, as they are 3-0 since then.

Big turning point in the season just occurred as the worst part of the Sox schedule just ended, and they will play more home games then the rest of the division moving forward. They will play the most games at home during August and September, thank you Major League Baseball! GO SOX! F-THE TIGERS!