You’re always sure to see some interesting sights at Sox Park, but I certainly wasn’t prepared for this.

Sox fans were feeling down after last night’s 4-2 loss to the Tiger, their 10th in 11 games between the division rivals.  The stars shown brightly for the Tigers as Justin Verlander got his 7th straight win over the Sox, going eight strong with 7 Ks while making only one mistake to Gordon Beckham in the 5th.

Meanwhile, Miguel Cabrera came through in the biggest way in the ninth, knocking a two-run, tie-breaking, game-winning blast into the Bullpen Sportsbar.  Many will question why Ozzie Guillen would choose to pitch to the AL’s best hitter in that situation, but the thousands of Tigers fans and I who invaded The Cell certainly didn’t mind.

The game marked the first time in close to a year that my blogging counterpart, Peter Verniere and I attended a game together where we were truly rooting for opposite teams.  Contrary to popular belief, civility and camaraderie prevailed over our usual trash talk and taunting. Perhaps we were united by our mutual disgust for Jabba the Hutt (pictured above) who verbally and physically attacked me after Beckham’s homer, completely unprovoked.  Despite that vulgar display of Sox fandom, a great time was had by all.

Now we turn to Sunday’s rubber match featuring a resurgent Jake Peavy and a chronically mediocre Brad Penny.  I’ve got to hand it to Pete so far as he’s correctly predicted the first two games in the series and it’s hard to argue with his prognostication for today’s matchup.  Let’s just hope Fat Penny can work some magic and the Tigers can capitalize on more uncharacteristically poor decision making by the Sox skipper.