“What new?”

“What new?” is Ken “The Hawk” Harrelson’s latest signature phrase for the White Sox pattern behavior that he uses most often when annoyed with the team’s performance. Needless to say “what new” was used a lot on Wednesday and Thursday evening, as the Sox wasted opportunity after opportunity that would have led to a sweep of the Twins rather than the Twins sweeping the Sox.

It’s best summed up like this:

  • Twins beat the Sox for the seventh time in a row…what new?
  • The Sox were 1 – 11 with runners in scoring position…what new?
  • The Twins stole five bases in one game…what new?
  • The Sox had runners in scoring position with no outs seven times and scored no runs…what new?

About the only thing new about this series was the Twins managed to sweep the Sox without Mauer, Morneau, and Thome… not good.