I must break you!

I’m not sure what was more surprising, Ozzie Guillen kicking Geovany Soto’s catcher mask after a terrible call by the home plate ump or Carlos Zambrano not imploding after a terrible first inning.

The Sox looked like they were going in for the early kill again against Big Z, but they let him off the hook despite Z only throwing a 90 mph fastball. The Cubs came roaring back as Gavin Floyd could not find consistent control of his breaking pitches. After Floyd retired the first six, he pretty much struggled from third on. The true star of the Cubs and a player to be truly excited about, Starlin Castro, drove in three, and Carlos Pena ended Floyd’s night when he destroyed a hanging breaking ball.

Besides the first inning, the only other excitement came when Ozzie was tossed in the sixth for arguing a blown call by the home plate ump, when he called a foul ball fair hit by Alexei Ramirez.

Ozzie not only kicked Soto’s mask across the field, but he adamantly stomped his foot where the ball had landed.  It was an epic explosion that I thoroughly enjoyed. I think the biggest problem with the call was the home plate ump didn’t ask for help since he was clearly blocked by Soto, so how can he make a call? When a ref in hockey loses sight of the puck he whistles the play dead, that’s what should have happened in this case.

Possibly the most interesting story of the night happened during the post game when Big Z decided to compare himself to Rocky Balboa, the reason this story is big for Major League Assholes is because the Rocky conversation began last Monday evening at Wrigley Field during the Brewer’s series.

Smitty can help me out with this, but somehow he and I started a debate on what was the best Rocky movie, and we started reciting lines. Random fans began to join in the conversation and to quote Smitty, “this Rocky convo is going viral.” The best moment was when the hot dog vendor contributed with Tommy Guns’ quotes from Rocky V.

First off, Rocky V is not a good film, but who can pull off Tommy Guns’ quotes, now that’s impressive. I’m pretty sure that vendor brought Z a hot dog during the game and shared that story with him, ultimately leading to his comments post game last night. So you can thank Smitty and I for that entering sound byte from Big Z.

Tonight, Mark Buehrle goes for his tenth straight quality start against the inconsistent, Matt Garza. Sox win easily tonight.