Sums it all up!

There are no style point in baseball. You do not get an extra point in the standings if you hit more home runs then you competitor that evening and score fewer runs, it’s just  a loss. You lost, too bad, so sad, come back tomorrow and try to win. It’s a shame that Cubs’ fans don’t understand winning or how baseball is played.

I tried to eat my burrito quietly at “El Burrito Mexicano” at a table post a Giants sweeps of the Cubs in a day/night doubleheader played at Wrigley. I’m wearing a Giants jersey and cap as my next favorite to the Sox is the Giants and has been since I was a kid. I try to make to at least one Giants game at Wrigley every year.

“Giants got a bunch of cheap runs by getting little hits tonight,” griped that fat sack of crap Cubs fan that sat across the aisle from me.

“Why do you have to give the guy shit,” asked his buddy, “Giants won twice today.”

“It’s how they won, with a bunch of base hits, little hits,” said the idiot.

I did not look over, I just ate my burrito, but what I wanted to say was, “hitting is a part of the game and whether they leave the park or are hit on the ground, if you collect enough of them, you can win the game. That’s baseball you fucking idiot! Understand it or go home.”

I finished my burrito and left, but what I realized about the Cubs is they will never win a championship because of karma, like Crash Davis told Nuke Laloosh, “you don’t respect the game and that’s your problem.”

Iconic loser looking for a hand out!

The Cubs fans don’t respect the game and baseball will never will allow them to win because they’ve turned the game into a circus, and that is something that can never be forgiven. If you’ve watched Ken Burn’s documentary you understand what I’m talking about.

The Cubs aren’t doomed because of a goat! They are doomed because they don’t respect the sanctity of the sport; the fans, the ownership and the players, and the proof is in the pictures.