You’ve gotta be bleepin’ me!

It’s an angry Monday morning for Peter Verniere at Stats Central in Bucktown, home of Ozzie Guillen. First off, the Sox lost yesterday to a terrible team who sent out a terrible pitcher, oddly enough, Rodrigo Lopez’ fastball topped out at 90 mph, just like Big Z’s, the lone game the Cubs won at US Cellular Filed. Apparently, batting practice fastballs are too difficult for the White Sox hitters to take out of the park or into the gaps.
The Sox hitters were pathetic on Saturday, also, and should be embarrassed on how they played that last two games. Even as a series they hit only .204 with runners in scoring position and 10 extra base hits, the only team worse than that was the Cubs who hit .167 with runners in scoring position. Two days of frustrating baseball come to a close, and hopefully the Sox can find their offense at US Cellular Field this evening.

Now to the All-Star game, how is Paul Konerko not on the All-Star team? This is the first year I can say his numbers are little bit better than Miguel Cabrera’s numbers, so why not Paulie? Konerko has 21 home runs to Cabrera’s 17, he has 62 RBIs to Cabrera’s 56, and 170 total bases to Cabrera’s 166. Big Mig has 20 doubles to Konerko’s 12, is batting 9 points higher, and has more DUI’s then Konerko but that hardly seems worthy of giving Konerko a snub. Maybe the players wanted to make sure that Ron Washington had another rehab candidate to talk too, since the Josh Hamilton stories are really getting old by now.

I can just hear the conversation in the AL dugout now, “Mig drinking the scotch in front of the cops was all ballz.”

“Oh Ron, doing coke in the locker room during the game is pretty ballz, too! What are you doing after the game?”

Then it gets more insulting for Konerko and Mark Teixeira as there’s some dumb rule that only fulltime DH’s can take a DH spot on the roster, so instead of two better hitters sitting on the bench in DH spots there’s Big Papi and Michael Young, who combined have one less homer then Teixeira and only three more than Konerko.

Then the final insult, the players on the ballot with Konerko for the final vote, Victor Martinez, 6 homers and 46 RBIs, you must be joking! Next up, Alex Gordon, 10 homers and 46 RBIs, I see a trend starting. Adam Jones, 13 homers and you guessed it, 46 RBIs, and finally Ben Zorbrist? Really? Nine homers and 40 RBIs. Not one of these players are in the ballpark offensively with Konerko. Ridiculous!

At least, Carlos Quentin was voted in by his fellow players, as opposed to the Cubs only representative having to be picked by the NL Manager, Bruce Bochy, in Starlin Castro.

To sum it all up,  two of the top three AL home run and run producers [Konerko and Teixeira] are currently not on the AL All-Star roster. You’ve gotta be bleepin’ me!