What new? Rios out!

Bases loaded no outs usually means good things for a baseball team, unless it’s the Chicago White Sox, then it means one run or less will be scored as was the case yesterday when we had Bruce Chen on the ropes. We scored one run on walk to Adam Dunn. Pathetic, a word used more often as of late to describe the Sox offense. What’s wrong with the Sox offense? I don’t know, but I have seen a particular pattern that included Carlos Zambrano, Rodrigo Lopez, and Bruce Chen; they can’t hit soft throwing pitchers.

What mean by soft throwing pitchers are guys who top out at 90 mph on a fastball. They need to not go up to the plate all jacked up to knock the cover off the ball, but they need to wait for the ball to get to the plate and make solid contact. They should also look to go opposite field and then the long ball will come to them.  The inning that lead to having the bases loaded with no outs were three straight singles on change-ups. Those hitters had a plan and did well with it. Then the power came up and hit pop-ups except for Dunn who drew a walk that lead to the lone run, why? Because Paulie and CQ tried to crush the ball. Bad approach.

As for Adam Dunn’s problems, all he needs to know is pitchers are going to pitch him on the outside corner, so get closer to the plate. I can see it, why can’t the Sox coaches. As for Alex Rios, take him out back and shoot him to put him out of his misery. So much talent and so little effort, what a waste.

Forget about watching video, forget about all the advance scouting reports, just look for your pitch and do something with it. Sometimes too much information can be bad, trust me I know this well since having a baby. The ability to look any symptom up on the internet can only lead to insanity, just like watching the White Sox offense.