There’s been a lot to talk about in regards to the White Sox over the last 48 hours including another series win over Detroit, a trade, and GM Kenny Williams letting his team know they need to look like contenders to prevent a fire sale by Sunday. Questions looming – will Matt Thornton, Carlos Quentin and John Danks still be on the White Sox by Monday morning.Wouldn’t mind Thornton going, but Danks can be the future “ace” of this staff. We’ll know more about this the next few days.

Moving on, the White Sox won their second straight series over the Detroit Tigers, and are sitting at just 3-1/2 games behind the Tigers going into a weekend series against the Boston Red Sox, who the White Sox swept earlier this season in Boston. The Sox are starting to make the right decisions as Alex Rios has been benched indefinitely to allow rookie center fielder, Alejandro De Aza, to have playing time. It worked, as De Aza hit a 2-run homer off non-ace, Max Scherzer, which lead to a Sox victory. Two runs were all the Sox needed because John Danks owned the Tigers’ hitters striking out ten.

Before the Sox won for the fourth time in the last five game, Williams moved Edwin Jackson and the terrible Mark Teahan to the Blue Jays, and then the Jays moved Jackson to the Cardinals. I have to give Williams credit for moving Teahan who’s due $5.5 million next year, and really exhibited no reason to start over Brent Morel. It also opened up the scenario of the Sox acquiring Aramis Ramirez before the trade deadline. It would give the Sox the power they’ve been lacking since Joe Crede patrolled the hot corner, but would hog tie them with $12 million next season. That would seem worth it if he helps the Sox get to the playoffs, but nothing’s a guarantee. I’m pretty sure this deal will happen if the White Sox win or split the next two against the Red Sox.

The other good news is the Tigers are about to fall one game under .500 since the All-Star break, as they are trailing the Angels 12-6 in the 7th. That will put the Sox three games back of the Tigers and closing. FIRE!!!!