Look at the swelling head on Peavy

The news of the day is not that the Sox have swept their first series in Minneapolis since 2004, or that Alex Rios has decided to adjust his batting stance (5-for-8) now rather than the offseason since I called him out on it days ago, or that Jake Peavy seems to be getting his arm strength back to a Peavy-like level. That’s not the news, the news is the White Sox have figured out how to beat their division again, and the opposition should be worried.

Since the All-Star break the Sox have gone 10-4, the only real blemish in their division is the bad series they played in Kansas City, other then that they’ve been nearly perfect. They’re 4-2 against the Tigers, 2-0 against the Indians, and 3-0 against the Twins. Not too shabby for a team that could not beat any of those teams except the Indians in the first half. If the Sox can keep their winning ways within the division they definitely have a chance of sneaking up on the Tigers and winning this thing.

The Sox had 48 games to play against the AL Central in the second half, if they can maintain their current pace they would finish an impressive, 34-14, and that could be enough to win the division. The Sox will play 25 games against the AL Central in September including two-doubleheaders, and of the 34 remaining games, 18 of those will be played at US Cellular Field.

The other good news is while the Sox epically failed against the Red Sox and Yankees they have a very favorable schedule outside of the division, with four against Baltimore this week, two against the Angels, three against the Seattle, and three against the Blue Jays. Their toughest opponent is the Texas Rangers who they’ll play host to for a three game series, Aug. 19 – 21.

The funniest thing about all this is I was probably a little premature on pronouncing the season over on August 4, but hey baseball’s a funny game and the Sox looked pathetic against the Yankees. The Sox have sucked me back in and have reinstated my optimism for the season. Hopefully it will not be a waste of time. GO SOX!!!!