Man, this city loves it’s statues!  Last week, Frank Thomas was honored with one at Sox Park and now Ron Santo recieves the honor posthumously today on the North Side.  I’m not saying either wasn’t a great player, but isn’t there a point at which the honor becomes diminished when EVERYONE has a statue? I think Kramer had it right—it’s time for a statue of limitations.

The White Sox seem to think they have the same storied history of the Yankees, leading the league with eight—count ’em—EIGHT statues in and around The Cell. Thomas joins Minny Minoso, Carlton Fisk, Billy Pierce, Luis Aparicio, Nellie Fox, Harold Baines and the 2005 World Series winners in immortality on the very statue-happy South Side. Again, not saying any of those players weren’t great (well, calling Baines “great” is a stretch—”very good” sounds more apropo), but c’mon, eight statues?

The statue situation around Wrigley isn’t nearly as out of control. Santo joins only Ernie Banks, Billy Williams and Harry Caray. It seems appropriate that a franchise with such a dismal history should have very few statues.  Unless the Cubs decide to include ancient legends like Mordecai “Three Finger” Brown or Cap Anson, they should really draw the line.

So Chicago, enough with the statues already. It’s really starting to get out of hand. A statue should be an honor only bestowed on the very best of the best—otherwise, what’s the point?