Tons of stories are circulating across the wire and around the net, but the most interesting thus far are one we missed yesterday and one that came through NBC sports not too long ago.

First off, the Cubs placed Zambrano on waivers before the the game yesterday which I’m pretty sure he must have been informed of and was probably not too happy. That explains his behavior even more, since he probably went out on the mound with the attitude, ‘they don’t want me, then I won’t pitch for them.’ Then he just let his emotions get the best of him and boom, the perfect storm. This speculation since most players are not told, but maybe they wanted Z to prep to waive his no-trade clause.

More importantly, according to NBC Sports via the Chicago Tribune at 1:55pm today the Cubs were negotiating a buyout of Zambrano’s contract with his agent, which can lead me to believe one of two things. The most obvious being he’s going to play the old my emotions got the best of me, I’m sorry, blah-blah-blah – meaning the Cubs are stuck with him.

The other which I find totally plausible, their is language in contract that states that he is owed a certain amount of money if he retires while on the Cubs. Jim Hendry gave the players everything in those contracts and why not add some crazy language about retirement since it would not even seem possible at Zambrano’s age. The full details of any baseball contract are never released, but why would the Cubs be trying so hard to buy it out? Let him retire.

I’m sure more will unfold in the upcoming days…