I’m taking the time to post a quick letter to my critics:

First off, I would like to thank all of the readers of this blog, it’s been quite a humbling experience for me. This has been fun up until the last few months for me. Fatherhood has been a completely incredible experience for me, and I would not trade it for anything. Unfortunately, the lack of sleep and time I have to post articles has caused a series of errors on my part over the last few months. I apologize to the readers that may have received incorrect information on my posts, and in most cases I’ve gone back and corrected the information the same day. I take a lot of pride in this blog and it bothers me that these mistakes have occurred, but as I adjust to fatherhood things will only get better.

For those of you who “get-off” on exploiting my mistakes including my writing partner on this site, I find  you petty and sad. I  do not point out inaccuracies on Smitty’s posts, and there are inaccuracies. The most recent being the sad amount of statues at US Cellular Field, if you include the World Series monument as a “statue” not sure why you would, there’s nine total statues. There’s a Charles Comiskey statue in right field, not sure why, but they did it anyway. Did I point this out, no I did not. We’re both trying to entertain and work hard at this, so it’s really not worth it.

For those of you who criticize me and don’t write a blog I dare you to put yourself out there. I know the following statement sounds arrogant, but I know a lot about baseball, I study the game, and the proof is in my predictions alone. I was the only person who picked the 2010 MLB playoffs correctly of all the writers in Chicago, and I was the only one to pick the Giants to go to the World Series in my preseason predictions. At the All-Star break my picks for 2011 were 100% correct for the NL and 50% correct for the AL, we’ll see how it ends up.

Again, I take a lot of pride in writing the blog and I thank Smitty for coming up with this idea oddly enough because of Zambrano being sent to the bullpen; a theory we discussed over drinks a few days prior to it happening. Look at us. In closing, I would like to apologize again to for the inconsistencies over the last few months, I hope for those to become less and less.

Thanks for the support,

Peter Verniere