2,000 hits! Congrats!

The White Sox marketing campaign this season should have been “The Big Tease,” not “All In.” That’s what the White Sox have been this season a tease, and as they fall back to 6.5 backs with 36 to go I expect it to happen again. The last time the Sox fell to 6.5 back they rebounded quickly and were suddenly back 3.5 games within a week before the slow fade began to the point they’re at today. It’s obvious to me the Sox can compete as they were in the game all night last against one of the AL’s best pitchers this season, Ervin Santana.

Paul Konerko’s 2,000 hit tied the game up in the Top of the 8th only to see Jason Frasor load the bases in the bottom of the ninth and lose the game on a walk-off single. The Sox hung in there with one of the hotter teams in baseball, and if it were not for some mental lapses in the field they might have won the game, 4-3. Oh well, another morning of talking about “what-ifs” with the White Sox.

Speaking of that, Jim Thome and Jason Kubel are on waivers for Minnesota, what-if the Sox claimed both of them. All we hear about is Jim Thome, Thome, Thome, Thome, but let’s not forget that there is most likely going to be a vacancy in right field next season with Carlos Quentin possibly getting a payday that the Sox can’t afford. Kubel may be an important veteran presences in the outfield the Sox will be lacking with the CQ and Juan Pierre departures. Thome finishing the season with Sox would be a slap in the face to Adam Dunn, but also could be more of a wake-up call, like figure your shit out because we don’t have time to waste on a rebuilding project with you at $56 million.

All that being said, the chances that we’ll see either of them in a White Sox uniform before the end of this season are pretty slim, but I ask “what-if?” After the Sox finish up with the Angels tonight, they slide over to Seattle to play the lowly Mariners while the Tigers will square off against the Twins in Minnesota. The Twins series must feel like a trap series for the Tigers as they should easily win the series, but the Twins always seem to find a way to spoil things for the Tigers and Sox. My best guess is the Sox are 4.5 back by Sunday. No reason to give up, yet…right?

Since writing this article this morning the following story had posted to ESPN CHICAGO : Rumors intensify White Sox claim Thome and Kubel