Put it on the board! Viciedo three run bomb!

The White Sox have decided that it doesn’t matter how big your paycheck, if you’re not producing you’re not playing. The unfortunate part of that is it started probably started a month too late, but with six games left against the Tigers and trailing by six games there are reasons to be optimistic. Coming off a three game sweep of the Seattle Mariners is another reason to be optimistic along with the lopsided victory in Sunday’s finale, 9-3.

The big news is the Dayan Viciedo era has officially started and it did with a bang in his second at bat, a three-run bomb to dead center. Viciedo went 2-for-3 with walk, 3-RBIs and 2-runs scored. Tyler Flowers second career home run was a grand slam that turned the game into a laugher, another good sign for the future of the White Sox. Viciedo might be just what the White Sox offense has been looking for as he eerily reminded me of young Frank Thomas in build and batting stance. I consider this a good thing and if that is the case the Sox have turned themselves into an instant contender in this race.

If you add a healthy Carlos Quentin back into the line-up the Sox could rattle off a lot of wins in a row. Viciedo represents the production we have not gotten from Adam Dunn all season long and has sent Dunn to the bench. Dunn has taken the news well and has not expressed any discontent other than in his own lack of production. I’m not ruling out a comeback year from Dunn next season, but I think his role will be limited moving forward.

I’m kind of excited over the Sox again, let’s hope it’s not a waste of my time. Three against the Twins starting tonight followed by a big three-game series in Detroit… 9-in-a-row anyone?